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[Stuff] On the Road and Back Again... On a City Bus.

Tales from the Road, part eighty-three point two. tarx and I went up to Seattle yesterday in search of places to live, and to get a general feel of the city.

After two and a half long hours on a pair of city busses, we finally arrive in Seattletown. I finally got to show her part of the Pike St. Market, which she had yet to see (and still hasn't seen in full), before we started heading east towards the Capitol Hill area.

We got in contact with three people nearby... The Housing Resources Group employee gave us information on several of their complexes, but we were unable to see any of them. She was nice and helpful.

The guy at the Press Apartments was incredible... Even though their apartments are likely above our current price range, he did such a wonderful job. If you are ever looking at apartments in the Seattle area, please, go talk to Mark at the Press. He was wonderful.

Danica at the Alcyone was a different story. She was nervous, uncomfortable, and quiet. She really wasn't sure how to show an apartment, let alone what to make of these two twentysomethings in jeans. The places are brand spanking new, with their Grand Opening party on Thursday. The floor plans were a little too weird for me.

After the final showing, we headed home, where the fun began. The bus we were going to take flew past the stop we were at (where it was indeed supposed to stop), thus making us miss our transfer in Lakewood. So we got to sit around for almost an hour until the Lakewood-Olympia bus arrived. Catching that one, I soon realized that the next bus home was going to take another 45 minutes to arrive, so we went to the store and then went home. The waits had tacked on another two hours onto the commute home, and we didn't get home until 11pm. Considering that I was sleep depping, and tarx had to go workies this morning, that's not a good thing.

Overall, though, it was okay.

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