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I have a feeling people are going to like this.

Kill Harry.

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in

1. writing score: 26 (Kinda.)

2. reading score: 23 (Sometimes.)

3. books score: 19 (Depends.)

4. photography score: 19 (Not really.)

5. harry potter score: 15 (Haven't read or seen.)

6. sex score: 15 (Not really.)

7. fantasy score: 13 (It's okay.)

8. swords score: 13 (Yessir, indeedy.)

9. star trek score: 13 (TNG, oh yah.)

10. dancing score: 13 (Yep.)

11. science fiction score: 13 (I am teh cybarpukn.)

12. star wars score: 13 (Indeed.)

13. poetry score: 12 (Not so much anymore.)

14. friends score: 12 (I like having them.)

15. mythology score: 12 (Ayep.)

16. sleeping score: 10 (Overrated.)

17. philosophy score: 10 (Kinda.)

18. musicals score: 10 (NYET.)

19. cats score: 10 (I loves kitties.)

20. manga score: 10 (I've fallen off that truck.)

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