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[Stuff] Iconage n stuff.

Why, oh why, won't these people call me back? Employers, government employees, whatever... CALL. I NEED MONAY.

Oh well. New group of Alton Brown icons. If you get the Food Network, weekdays at 7pm you should have your television tuned to it. Good Eats, Alton's irreverent cooking show, is the culinary equivalent to Bill Nye the Science Guy.

I haven't played CoH in three days, since the update's coming soon but the animation fix for 98 users isn't implemented yet. I need to get XP Pro. Not like I can afford it, though. I can barely afford food.

I played GunBound tonight, only to find it borkenish. No respawning is a bit irritating.

And finally, I wonder how long itll be until my 401k disbursement cheque arrives... I could really use that moolah at the moment. It's not a hella lot, but it'll do.
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