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Random Tidbit Thingie To Amuse The LARPers...

First post with PocketLJ. Hope it works.

Apparently some poor sod was running some Camarilla game at the mall... Dozens of black-clad fang dorks running about, being generally doofy. It was like a highschool rerun.

So, anyway, one of these guys decides he wants to shop. So he goes into Obfuscate (invisibility, to those not in the know) by hiding behind some handbags and putting up the facehugger sign (Open hand held in front of face, usd to signal the use of the power).

So this guy wanders over and tries to indicate to me that he'd like to look at a watch... I, being a good little retail employee, ignore him. He's invisible! He calls for me, I look around, look confused, and continue about my business. He gets peeved. He gets within arm's reach, still throwing his No-See-Um. Requests to see a watch. I look disturbed, tap my head, pause... And throw my Out Of Character cross-chest shoulder salute.

"If you want to see a watch, drop the Ob or go OOC."

Gape. His brain frazzled (I look like such a corp tonight), he goes away, facehugging.

It's fun to break people on occasion.

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