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Week In Review: 01.27-02.02

The start of an update process I'll be using regularly.

Sunday 01.27

    Did jack squat until about five-thirty-ish, when I doled up and headed out to the Bon Christmas party... Only to find that the weather had cancelled it. I barely made it back to the bus station in time to catch the last one home. Futterputzed about for the rest of the eve.

Monday 01.28

    I updated the KoF:EB website. Made graphics. RP'd. Stuff liddat. I got stuff done.

Tuesday 01.29

    Work. Move purses. Mark down purses. Do very little in sales. Slow.

Wednesday 01.30

    Work. Move purses. Mark down purses. Do next to nothing in sales. Slow.

    Then, things get interesting.

    The Bon Prom was rescheduled for this night. I get a chance to gaze upon the lovely ladies of the Bon Marche in gorgeous outfits that just made me want to thank the tailors. Talked ad nauseum with a guy I've never had the opportunity to actually have a conversation with before, but whom I've considered a friend for a few months. Two gin and tonics later, we agree to go to England together should I ever have the available funds for the plane ride. Find out he's got the haaaaAAAAaawts for me. Am unaffected. He's a cute Brit. ^^;

    Eat lots of free, blandish food. Tank up on another G&T.

    Dance a bit.

    Prepare to karaoke Zoot Suit Riot.

    Win a set of frames and a towel gift set.

    Have C+C Music Factory, 'Gonna Make You Sweat' come on. Blink. Hmm. Dance until bronchii reject the human. Feel massively ill. Sing song. Get invited to dance with several young women, must decline because ride is leaving.

    Come home. Shower. Sleep. Argue. Sleep.

Thursday 01.31

    Work. Very afraid. I now have a fan club? The hell? Maybe this 'fan club' I garnered by dancing my liitle lungs onto the floor and by then using what little air there was in them to belt out the song so loud that the mic wasn't neccessary will give me lifts to Thekla (dance club) on Sunday nights. $1 cover on 80's nite sounds rawkin.

Friday 02.01

    More work. Tedium. Payday. Seng buys PSO; the world will never be the same.

Saturday 02.02

    Oh-Two, Oh-Two, Oh-Two. The biggest Groundhog Day since 202 AD. Passes by without much comment. Wear one of the suits I picked up from my purchase last week. Look like a TurkGoon. Mmm. "May I help you," *klik-klak* "...SIR?"

Oversimplification. But it gets the job done.

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