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[World's Worst...] Another fun party game...

Seeing as my attempts at Hoedowns are going over like a lead balloon, I thought I'd try something different.

Time to give your examples of the world's worst... Person to be stuck in a liferaft with.
[Colin steps forward]
"I saw an island a few hours back when you were sleeping, but it looked really dirty."

[Wayne steps forward]
"Let's see what's at the bottom of the boat!" *mocks sawing through raft bottom*

[435 steps forward]
[435 steps back]

[Ryan steps forward]
"I know every Michael Bolton song ever written. Number one..."

[435 steps forward]
"I hope you don't mind me masturbating in my fursuit..."

[Ryan steps forward
"Doesn't the sound of the Bee Gees' voices really get you horny?"

[Colin steps forward]
"I whittled toothpicks out of the oars."

There. Add some.
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